Tuesday, October 27, 2020



The NBA Group insists on being client focused. Effective communication with our clients ensures a satisfying outcome for all stakeholders. To move away from this focus would be to lose our comparative advantage over other organisations. 


At the NBA Group we:

  •  Pride ourselves on establishing an excellent understanding of our clients' needs;
  •  Provide individual and innovative solutions for every project;
  • Understand the complex interaction between the social environments of municipalities and communities;
  • Deal with large and small scale developments, encompassing strategic land use, urban design and regional and urban    planning;
  • Identify all strategic planning approaches required to enhance the inherent character of cities, towns and small rural townships;
  • Manage the project, no matter how large or small, from conception to realisation.



  • Planning applications
  • Strategic and statutory planning advice
  • Specialist planning studies for local government and private sector clients
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Structure Plans, Master Plans, Concept Plans and Development Plans
  • Planning scheme reviews and amendments
  • Community consultation and facilitation
  • VCAT, VCGLR and Planning Panels Victoria representation
  • Advice to agencies in preparing referral responses to Councils
  • Public-private sector project management and liaison.


Urban Design

  • Subdivision design
  • Master Plans
  • Urban Design Frameworks and Guidelines
  • Landscape and Open Space Design
  • Strategy Plans and Structure Plans


Social and Economic Analysis


  • Socio-economic analysis and reporting
  • Community profiling
  • Assessment of gaming related impacts on communities
  • Social and Economic Impact Statements for the VCGLR process



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